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Our mission is to provide a safe haven for everyone

and we can't do that without your cooperation

Our Everyday Rules

We avoid harassment at all costs

We respect the boundaries and space of all who enter

We do not drink alcohol or use drugs on the premises

We respect the property of others

We maintain a calm and peaceful environment

We do not panhandle while at the Dry Dock


Children are welcome at meetings.

Parents, please step out of the meeting if your children need to be quieted.

Good Neighbor Policy

Please smoke at the CURB

Honor others by keep the sidewalks clean: throw cigarette butts (after putting them out) and waste in the garbage

Maintain normal speaking voices when congregating inside and outside

Do not double park or block driveways

Service Animals

The service animal must be leashed and under your control at all times

The service animal must be quiet

The service animal must be removed if there someone who is allergic in the Dry Dock

We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave.

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