On behalf of the Board of Directors, Sandy and staff:

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Our prayer for 2021:

May we all feel

the gentle presence of our Higher Power.

May we know that we do not walk alone.

Remember we are family and will be there for each other.

Welcome Home

In-person Meetings Schedule at The Dry Dock - 7 days a week:

New openings:  10 AM and 10 PM meetings

6:00 AM AA Coed Meeting except Friday

5:15 PM AA Coed Meeting

8:15 PM AA Coed Meeting

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 6 AM Men Only Meeting

Tuesday 6 AM AA Women Only Meeting

Tuesday 8 PM Al-Anon Meeting

Thursday 7:15 PM Al-Anon Women Only Meeting

Friday 5:30 AA Women Only Meeting

Please register in advance (limited seating available)

Our in-house live meetings are now connected to those using ZOOM at home.

The Coronavirus has added another level to the concept of a clean, safe haven. 

The Dry Dock has incorporated city, state and medical procedures in our operation

for the safety of all.

In addition to our in-person meetings at The Dry Dock, we also offer Zoom meetings everyday.

Check our schedule.  If during the earlier months of the pandemic you have been attending other meetings than The Dry Dock's,

we warmly invite you to come back and host your Zoom meetings with us again.

Pass the word



  • Please, if you are not well, stay home

  • The Dock has been professionally cleaned & sanitized

  • The staff sanitizes all surfaces before we open and in between meetings

  • Sanitizers are strategically available for all to use at will

  • Meeting reading materials have been laminated so that we & the secretaries can clean them

  • Our on-site meeting schedule is abbreviated - see above

  • Respect for the 6' rule limits the number of people in the meetings

    • There are plastic mats on the floors

    • and red X's to remind people where the 6' safe zone is

  • We have installed a reservation system so that no one is turned away at the door


  • Respect the requirement to wear masks 

    • In the event someone forgets their mask

    • we have free (not individually wrapped) masks

      • & individually wrapped masks at $6.00 per mask.

  • We provide books as always but feel free to bring yours

  • Ventilation will be provided in the:

    • East Room through the ceiling fan and a new screen door

    • The windows in the West Room will remain open
    • Fans will be placed in such a way that the air quality is not affected

  • The social area will be closed

  • Beverages and snacks are not be sold nor allowed in the Dry Dock



Dry Dock management considers it critical that ALL of us follow the above - 


Click here to register for in-person meetings


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