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Note: Coffee, Beverages and Snacks are not be sold during the Crisis

Coffee, Refreshments, Books, Chips & More

Coffee, Snacks, & Beverages


Coffee (hot & cold), tea, energy drinks, juices, soft drinks, Swiss Miss hot chocolate, sparkling ice, v8, vitamin water & spring water, & more


Cheeseburgers, yogurt, burritos,cereal & more



Candy bars, cookies, goldfish, jack links beef and cheese, mints, peanuts, health & nutrition bars, raisinets, brownie bites, & more

Books & Chips

AA Literature

Big Book (Hard Cover, Soft & Pocket)

Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions

(Hard Cover, Soft & Pocket)

Came to Believe (Soft)

As Bill Sees It (Soft)

Daily Reflections (Soft)

Living Sober (Soft)

SF & Marin Schedules

Al-anon Literature

Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions

Blueprint for Progress

Courage to Change

Hope for Today

In All Our Affairs

One Day AT A Time

Paths  to Recovery

​Chips Both standard AA for all months & years and designer chips

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