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The Dry Dock is opening August 1st with limited meetings and seating
Note: the Dry Dock will continue to support the audio meetings
We will have  limited seating and an abbreviated schedule.  The following meetings have been scheduled for August 1st.  Others will be added as time goes on.   
Reopen Schedule - 7 days a week:
6 AM AA Coed Meetings
8:30 AM AA Meetings
8:30 AM Al-Anon Meetings
5:15 PM Coed Meetings
exception Friday 5:30 AA Women's Only Meeting
8:30 PM Meetings
All in-house attendees must register for a seat prior to the meeting -
Registering will avoid having to turn people away at the door
Prior to registering please review the following questions
Do you have a fever over 100.4?
Are you experiencing shortness of breath or other breathing difficulty?
Do you have a cough?
Do you have any flu like symptoms?
Have you lost your sense of smell or taste?
Are you in contact with any covid-19 positive people?
Do you have heart, lung, kidney disease or diabetes?
Have you traveled to regions affected by Covid-19 within the last 14 days?
Are you over 60?
If you answer "Yes" to any question,
Please, stay home, take care and call into the meeting as before!
    For more information click here
Registration is simple:
Click REGISTER below and select the meeting you wish to attend and fill out the form.
If you have any issues please email info@drydocksf.org.

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