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In-person Meetings Schedule at The Dry Dock - 7 days a week:

6:00 AM AA Coed Meeting except Friday

5:15 PM AA Coed Meeting

8:30 PM AA Coed Meeting

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 6 AM Men Only Meeting

Tuesday 6 AM AA Women Only Meeting

Tuesday 8 PM Al-Anon Meeting

Thursday 7:15 PM Al-Anon Women Only Meeting

Friday 5:30 AA Women Only Meeting

Please register in advance (limited seating available)

​​All attending in-house meetings must register for a seat prior to the meeting -
Registering will avoid having to turn people away at the door
Prior to registering please review the following questions
Do you have a fever over 100 or shaking chills?
Are you experiencing new breathing difficulty?
Do you have a new cough?
Do you new or unexplained unusual weakness or fatigue?
Are you experiencing new or unexplained muscle aches?
Have you lost your sense of smell or taste recently?
Have you been in contact with any covid-19 positive people?
Have you experienced diarrhea recently?
Have you developed new eye redness or discharge not related to allergies?
Have you traveled within the last 14 days?
If you answer "Yes" to any question,
Please, stay home, take care and call into the meeting as before!
Registration is simple:
Click REGISTER and select the meeting(s) you wish to attend 
You can click on more than 1 meeting
and then 
Do not forget to click the SUBMIT AND SIGN UP button at the bottom of the registration page
Fill out the form 
If you have any issues please email
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